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Newmerical Technologies International (NTI) is a Montreal-based Engineering R&D company with a subsidiary in the U.S.A. and resellers in Europe, China, Korea, Japan and Turkey.

NTI offers comprehensive services related to in-flight icing certification of aircraft, rotorcraft and jet engines from its initial planning to its final granting.

NTI experts (scientists, aerodynamicists, Designated Engineering Representatives, meteorologists and DER-pilots) negotiate the original or supplemental type certification basis, prepare compliance plans, assist in planning and conducting dry tunnel, icing tunnel and natural icing flight campaigns. All such activities are in coordination with airworthiness authorities.

NTI's simulation and engineering capabilities are supported through its proprietary technology, FENSAP-ICE, the most advanced and only 3D in-flight icing computational simulation “system.” Aerospace companies (OEMs and retrofit) use FENSAP-ICE and/or NTI services to analyze, design, optimize and help certify complete systems (aircraft, rotorcraft, jet engines, UAVs) and components (bleed-air/electro-thermal anti-/de-icing protection systems,probes, sensors, optronics) in a virtual fashion, drastically reducing the required wind tunnel, icing tunnel, and natural ice flight-testing. FENSAP-ICEis interfaced with widely used CFD codes and hence permits aerodynamics and icing to be treated “concurrently,” greatly increasing flight safety.

NTI's customers include a who’s-who of the aviation industry from 17 countries, among which: Airbus worldwide, Altran, Aselsan, AVIC various institutes, Bell Helicopter Textron worldwide, Bombardier Aerospace, China Helicopter R&D Institute, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Dow International, Eurocopter, GE Aviation worldwide, Honeywell, Intertechnique,Korean Aerospace Industries, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Regional Jet, Northrop Grumman, Pall Aerospace, Piaggio Aero, PZL Mielec, Rolls-Royce, Shanghai and Chengdu Aircraft Design Research Institutes, Snecma Moteurs, Thales, Transport Canada, Turbomeca, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Williams International and many others.

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